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Personal data of visitors are handled and secured with a lot of care. Benergy always follows the requirements of the Dutch Data Protection Act and the Telecommunications Act. In addition, Bencom complies with the rules of the Don’t-Call-Me register. Below, an explanation of which data we collect, for which goals, how we receive the data, what your claims are and how you can pursue these, can be found.

In accordance with the Data Protection Act, the processing of the data is registered with the supervisor Personal Data Protection Commission, situated in The Hague with the number m1004948.

Definition of key terms

In this regulation the following is agreed upon:

– Responsible party: Benergy BV (“Benergy”), situated in Usquert (Netherlands), Wadwerderweg 10.

– Personal data: all convertible data of an individual person

– Usage of personal data: every act or act as a whole with a connection to the personal data, from collecting to the liquidation hereof.

– Visitor: visitor of our websites that don’t necessarily have to be a subscriber or “free applicant”.


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Actively supplied information

When you register for free, you send your (personal) data to Benergy via a safe connection (SSL). This is a modern safety technology which prevents others from looking at your data. When uploading a phone bill via the call wizard, you also send your data on the amount of minutes, the moments you call, write SMS and use data to Benergy via a secured connection.

Passively supplied information

When surfing on the Internet, you, perhaps even without knowing, enable us (possibly also others) to collect your data. Examples hereof are the ‘IP-number’ of the computer which you use to surf the Internet, the operating system, the Internet browser you are using and the Internet pages that you are visiting. With this data, Benergy can improve the quality and accessibility of its Internet pages. This enables us to know which websites are looked at more often and which ones are visited less often. Insofar we use this data, it’s always anonymous and totalized.

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Benergy uses cookies in order to offer an optimal user experience to visitors. Cookies are small text files that are saved on the system of the visitor. Using cookies is safe. No personal information, such as a phone number or email address, can be deduced from cookies. This prevents cookies from being used for email and telemarketing activities.

Which cookies are placed and for what purpose?

Functional cookies
  • The preferences of the visitors that are comparing products or tariffs are saved as cookies.
  • Logging into the fora or using social media functions on the sites also makes use cookies.
Measurement cookies
  • The number of visitors is stored by using Google Analytics and by placing cookies.
  • Cookies can also be placed in order to measure how many of the visitors arrive from partner websites.
Advertising cookies
  • The banners on the Bencom sites can be used to place cookies which make sure that the visitor encounters more relevant advertisements.

What kind of information is recorded with these cookies?

This can be data that you have filled in on our site, for example by entering your calling profile in the call wizard or data about your Internet connection by using the speed test on Furthermore, measurement cookies and cookies for social media and advertisements place user IDs with which it is possible to record on which pages a visitor has been. Cookies don’t contain personal data. Bencom can therefore not use cookies to identify your person.

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Who has access to this data?

The functional cookies that have a connection to the operational aspect of the site can be read by Bencom. The measurement cookies which are placed by Google Analytics can be approached by Google and possible partners. The cookies that are placed for social media can be read by the providers and possible partners (see the privacy policies of Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and YouTube). The cookies that are placed by advertisements can be looked at by the advertiser (directly or via a media agency). Bencom does not have any access to the data of measurement cookies, social media cookies or advertisement cookies.

How long is a cookie placed on a device?

From Cookie name Cookie expires: _icl_current_language after 1 year + 1 day
Google Analytics _umtz after half a year
Google Analytics _utma after two years
Google Analytics _utmb after the session
Google Analytics _utmc after 30 minutes ASPSESSIONIDSASDRDTR after the session id after 2 years uid after half a year guest_id after 2 years put_2760 after 1 year + 1 month – 1 day rpb after 1 year + 1 month – 1 day rpx after 1 year + 1 month – 1 day tuuid after 2 years fl_inst after 7 days no_fb_sync after 1 month – 1 day pvc2 after 2 years tuuid after 2 years sess after 1 day uuid2 after 3 months – 2 days CMDD after 1 day CMID after 1 year CMPS after 3 months – 2 days CMRUM2 after 1 year CMSC after the session CMST after 1 day NID after half a year + 1 day PREF after half a year + half a day VISITOR_INFO1_LIVE after half a year + half a day YSC after the session

Turning cookies on and off and deleting them

Information on how to turn cookies on or off or how to delete them can be found in the help function of your browser.

Goal and content of data usage

The data that you submit are used for the newsletter and the Contract Wizard of Bencom or are sent, via a secured connection, to your chosen telecom or Internet provider in order to process your order. They can also be used to give accurate advice on mobile telephony and to improve the call wizard. If you have also submitted your email address, Bencom will inform you via email whether your registration has been received.

The data is used in order to:

– send the requested newsletter.

– give advice on the most suitable mobile phone package and to improve the call wizard.

– process your application for services and to inform you on the development hereof

– comply to laws and regulations

Saving the personal data

Your personal data, that you supply for a application for services, are not saved any longer than is necessary to reach the goals for which they were gathered or used. The procedure to unsubscribe the newsletter is stated on the homepages and after each newsletter.

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Saving the personal data

Your personal data, that you supply for a application for services, are not saved any longer than is necessary to reach the goals for which they were gathered or used. The procedure to unsubscribe the newsletter is stated on the homepages and after each newsletter.

Supplying of the personal data

Benergy will under no circumstances supply your data to other parties except when the treatment of subscriptions or laws and regulations obligate us to do this. The data is only used for the goals that are defined in this statement. The personal data is not used by Benergy to inform you on, for example, offers, activities or other products or services. Your chosen provider has his own obligations according to the Data Protection Act. To see how your data is used by your provider, we refer to the relevant privacy policies of this provider.

Right of access and corrections

You always have the right of access to the data that Benergy has collected on you. You have the right to have these corrected or to have wrong data deleted. You can only ask for this data in writing by sending a letter to: Benergy BV, Wadwerderweg 10, NL-9988 SX Usquert. In the letter, mention your full address (also your email address) and your request to access your data. You will receive an overview from us as soon as possible. We charge EUR 5,- per request.


The employees of Benergy, Benergy itself and those that have access to the personal data with Benergy’s permission, are obliged to confidentiality concerning the personal data that they use, except if they are told by laws and regulations to give notifications.


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In order to prevent access to your personal data by unauthorized persons, Benergy has taken different security measures, such as measures against illegal access, illegal use, illegal changes, unlawful and unintentional destruction and unintentional loss.

As soon as you click on a secured section of the site, a secured connection is made. For this purpose, Benergy uses SSL (Secure Socket Layer).  This technology, which is used on the Internet, is used by many website in order to exchange data on a secure and encrypted level.

SSL makes sure that the information between your computer and Benergy is coded. A characteristic of SSL is that data is encrypted with a digital key. This key can be found in the certificate that your browser receives as soon as you use a secured part of Benergy (https).

In order to guarantee that the key was originally received from Benergy BV (and not from a hacker), Benergy uses a Certificate Authority (CA). For Benergy this is Globalsign. Globalsign testifies that they received certificate (with the key) really originated from Benergy.

Commencement and decision regulations

The privacy policy came into force on December 15, 2001. Benergy retains the right to make changes to the privacy policy where necessary. This policy will never dispute the requirements set by the Data Protection Act.

Possible adjustments will enter into force immediately. We recommend that you familiarize yourself with this policy frequently. Questions about this policy can be sent to

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