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One app for all your fixed costs

  • All your contracts in one place

  • See when a contract expires

  • Get useful reminders

  • Compare and switch providers directly

  • Never pay too much again

The Bencompare app is now available and we’d like to invite you to share your feedback with us!

All of your bills and expenses calculated directly 

Through the app you not only gain insight into all your contracts, policies and subscriptions, but you also see immediately what you’re paying each month. This way you know exactly where your money is going and where you can potentially start saving.

Compare and change providers

For example, as soon as your phone subscription or insurance is about to expire, you will receive a notification. Can it be cheaper? Better? Compare all options, get advice and switch to the best deal. That way you will never pay too much again.

Stored securely

Bencompare is designed to protect your information optimally. Everything is encrypted and stored securely in the cloud. You are the only one who determines what is being shared.

One app for multiple people and addresses

Want to see the expenses for your whole family in one place? Or for your holiday home? No problem. With Bencompare you can add multiple addresses and people.

Start saving now

Download Bencompare for free:

What people are saying about Bencompare.

User-friendly app, now I can manage my parents’ contracts, too

 Simone de Vries

“Clear, well-arranged and it is easy to switch to a better deal, that’s how I save money every time. My dashboard vault makes it clear when it is time to switch providers again”

Pim de Vlught

“It is nice to have all contracts of my two houses together in one app and I am still able to keep them separate through the vault”

Kees Buuren


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Which operating systems are supported?2022-12-30T14:50:04+02:00

iOS is supported from iOS 11 and Android is supported from Android 7.0. For your own safety when using the app, older versions are not supported. Over 90% of mobile phone owners are able to install the app.

What does the app cost?2017-12-08T12:42:35+02:00

Nothing. You can download it for free in the App Store and the Google Play Store.

How safe is my data?2019-05-15T08:35:03+02:00

Your data and documents can be accessed by you and you only. Your information will be encoded and saved onto a cloud. We keep this constantly up to date, of course.  In case a threat occurs, the app will close automatically.
Our principles:

  1. Your email address, phone number and other personal data will not be shared with, or sold to other companies or third parties.
  2. All of your data will be completely deleted if you close your account.
  3. You can close your account at any point.
  4. Your usage will be logged anonymously in order to improve the app.


Which documents can I upload?2017-12-18T09:32:06+02:00

The app is meant for all of you financial documents, such as your insurance policies, energy contract or mobile tariff. You can even add your passport’s expiry date. Once you’ve uploaded a document, simply enter the amount, and the start and end dates. When the contract is about to run out, you’ll receive a notification on you mobile and you can either extend the contract or change providers.


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